The start of something new

Young blogger? Check.
Young mummy? Double check.


Yes, I’m a minefield of stereotypes, but this blog is more than that.

I guess I should start by introducing myself.


My name is Kelsey. I’m 22, I have a gorgeous partner named Tom, and I’m currently 38

weeks pregnant with our first baby – a little girl!

(Or so we hope – Tom wondered “but what if it comes out a little boy?” and all I can say is, well, I hope he likes pink and unicorns).

Why am I starting a blog, even though I’m a few short weeks away from having a baby? For starters, I’m bored out of my head and enjoy writing. Secondly, being a young first-time mum, things are going to go from 0-100 before I can even blink and I want to have somewhere to record everything I’m thinking and feeling.

This blog isn’t for anyone in particular. I’m not trying to be the next big blogger or anything remotely close. This space is purely for me to get things off of my chest.

So yeah, some of these blogs are probably going to be crappy. They’re going to be extremely personal, they will probably even be irrelevant to your life. Do I actually think anyone will read these? No, probably not. But hey, if one person does read anything I put up, does find it relevant and can take something away from it? My work is done.

Truthfully, this is for my peace of mind and my sanity. So expect some late night/early morning writing while I’m more than likely sleep deprived from my babe.

So, in saying that, I’m going to get writing my first proper piece – because this was only meant to be an introduction to what’s happening here. Oops!

Kelsey x

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